Deadly Sleep (Twilight: Where Darkness Begins, #1)


"Deadly Sleep" is the first book in Dell Publishing's young adult horror series "Twilight: Where Darkness Begins".They chose an excellent book to start the series off with.It takes place in Scotland, and there's some history, a lot of legend, and some Shakespeare involved.

Before the book begins, Evelyn Macdonald travels to America as an exchange student and stays with Jaynie's family.The two become friends and the next summer Jaynie travels to Scotland to spend the summer with Evelyn's family.The book begins on Jaynie's first day there, on the way home from the airport.Her first night she has a weird dream that keeps coming back to her.It seems to be connected to things she knows nothing about, the history of the castle Evelyn takes her to the next day, legends surrounding the place, and even to Shakespeare's "Macbeth", which Jaynie has never read.

I quite like how things build up, slowly, letting you wonder what exactly is going on, and what will eventually happen.I've never read "Macbeth" so I'm like Jaynie in this, finding it all out new.I'm wondering if my experience would have been different had I read Shakespeare's play before this book.

The book has me thinking about Scotland and wanting to look up its history.Any book that has me wanting to study its subject matter further once I've finished it gets extra points in my consideration.

It's set in Scotland and has you hearing the accent as you're reading the book, it brings Shakespeare to life for me and has me wanting to study more of Scottish history, it's a horror book but without excessive gore, all in all, I'd really recommend this one.Too bad Dale Cowan didn't write any more of the books in this series.

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