Murders From Beyond




Hi, my name is JAMES CONWAY. I am The Head of the Department of Serious Crimes, New York Police Head Quarters. We have had some strange happenings on our patch just lately. Murder victim's have died, by some unknown means. To date, police had found four bodies, all of, which defied any explanation to how or what had been killed these people. All we know is it had to be murder; no other explanation could account for their deaths. I came to that conclusion, from the reports from the Forensic people. They had concluded they had all died from unknown wounds, inflicted by some unknown weapon. While attending, a preliminary thorough forensic examination, on one of the mutilated bodies, it really turned my stomach over, to the point of making me feel sick. The wound appeared to be a hole in the middle of the forehead, about two inches in diameter, with another wound of the same size on the back of the head. The complete brain was missing, and no blood was present at the murder scenes, so far discovered. The Forensic people also informed me that all blood had been drained from the bodies. They told me that if they had bled to death, normally some blood would still be present in their bodies. They also informed me that no blood showed up in all of the victim’s bodies, at all the four murder scenes. Not all this information, had not given us any clues to whom or what had committed these horrific crimes.

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