Hanns Ewers (1871-1943) wrote some of the strangest tales of the period, including three (vaguely) autobiographical novels and several volumes of short stories many of which refer to his major themes of obsession, transformation, depavity and blood. This was in addition to his extensive travels worldwide, his activities as a propagandist/spy during WWI, screenwriter, poet, playwright, prodigious drug (ab)user and associations with members of Nazi elite. Hitler himself supposedly asked him to write the official biography of Horst Wessel which he did, but was subsequently declared an unperson by the Nazis (he was nationalistic rather than anti-semitic) his books banned and burnt. He died in Berlin of tuberculosis largely forgotten.

His novels and a few of his stories were translated and published in the 1920s but barring a volume by the Runa Raven press (published 2000) he is largely still unknown to the English speaking world not least because these volumes now command high prices on the second-hand market.

We are very pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the H.H.E. estate, a new volume of stories, including some newly translated works is now available, together with Ewers essay/paean to Edgar Allan Poe (first published in English in 1917).


* Introduction by J. N. Hirschhorn-Smith
* ‘Carnival In Cadiz’*
* ‘The Dead Jew’*
* ‘John Hamilton Llewellyn's End’
* ‘Gentlemen of the Bar’*
* ‘The Tophar Bride’*
* ‘The Typhoid Mary’*
* ‘The Spider’
* ‘Fairyland’
* ’From The Diary Of An Orange Tree’
* ‘The Death of Baron Jesus Maria von Friedel’*
* ‘Mamoloi'
* Edgar Allan Poe

*=newly translated.

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