The Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller Omnibus VOL 1


Shaken & Stirred
An easy operation goes fubar fast…

Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is tasked with a simple mission: Infiltrate the yacht party of Xander Duquesne and steal Intel on Formula 3-19. Kizzie’s expects caviar and champagne, but when she lands dab smack in the heart of a wild BDSM party and comes face to face with the sexy Xander Duquesne, the veteran agent realizes she might be in over her head.

Criminal mastermind Xander Duquesne prides himself on being prepared. Finding the alluring Ms. Baldwin skulking around his boat doesn’t surprise him. He knows what she’s come for, even knows who sent her. And, being a Dom, he knows exactly how to punish the vanilla agent for daring to cross him. But his overwhelming attraction to her proves more than even he can handle.

Can Kizzie get her mission accomplished and avoid Xander’s punishment? Or will they both end up shaken and stirred?

A relic from the Cold War that shouldn’t even exist…

After failing on her previous mission, secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is ticked off that she’s lost her chance at Formula 3-19. But when a black market explosives dealer goes missing, along with all traces of a salted bomb the Agency has never heard of, redemption is at hand. There’s just one problem: she must make a deal with nefarious Dom Xander Duquesne to get it.

Throwing caution off a cliff, Kizzie once again jumps headfirst into the BDSM lifestyle. It’s a world she knows nothing about, and she’s learning on the fly from a teacher she can’t trust. With Xander holding her collar, Kizzie must crawl into the dark labyrinth of The Puppet Master—a drugged out Dom known for cruelty to his subs and a huge chip on his shoulder. If Kizzie makes it out alive with Intel on the weapon Xander’s paid for, he’ll give her 3-19, free and clear.

Submission isn’t even in Kizzie’s vocabulary, and Xander’s still not her Master.
But will she learn to call him ‘Sir’?

Sake Bomb
One agent
Two bombs
And a Dom…

Fresh off a sanctioned mission that hits too close to home in the memories department, secret agent Kizzie Baldwin gets the notice she’s waited five long months for—Xander and Phil have located Sumi, their sole lead on the salted bomb HRV. The only problem? Sumi’s dead.

Abandoning the stability of clandestine ops, Kizzie goes rogue with her favorite criminal Dom, Xander Duquesne. Together, they search the streets of Tokyo to track down and stop HRV before it goes off.

But there’s a second bomb, a bigger bomb, triggered by the explosive friction between impatient operative and determined Dom.

And there’s no way to stop it.

If Kizzie comes out of this alive, will she still be a good agent? Or be His good girl?

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