Masters Of Technical Analysis And Strategy


An educational tool that truly codifies the subject of technical analysis

In Masters of Technical Analysis and Strategy, Editors Ralph Acampora, CMT, and Jordan Kotick, CMT, have assembled the top technicians in the field to discuss some of the most important areas of technical analysis and strategy. This comprehensive guide is divided by the key components of technical analysis, and covers a variety of topics, including trend and momentum, sentiment and behavioral finance, flow of funds, intermarket analysis, trading and investment strategies, and indicators. Filled with in-depth insight and practical advice, this book will appeal to both seasoned and aspiring traders.

Ralph J. Acampora, CMT (Jersey City, NJ) is Managing Director of Global Equity Research and Director of Technical Analysis for the Prudential Equity Group. Mr. Acampora cofounded the Market Technician's Association in 1970, and, as a past president of the group, founded and was the first chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts. Jordan E. Kotick, CMT (Stamford, CT), is the Global Head of Technical Strategy for Barclays Capital. Mr. Kotick is the past president of the Market Technicians Association and is the only person who has ever been president of both the Market Technicians Association and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts.

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