Wiersze, poematy, piosenki, przekłady (Poezja i proza, #1)


Edward Stachura was a Polish poet and writer. He rose to prominence in the 1960s, receiving prizes for both poetry and prose. His literary output includes four volumes of poetry, three collections of short stories, two novels, a book of essays, and the final work, Fabula rasa, which is difficult to classify. In addition to writing, Stachura translated literature from Spanish and French, most notably works of Jorge Luis Borges, Gaston Miron and Michel Deguy. He also wrote songs, and occasionally performed them.

Edward Stachura was to a family of Polish emigrants in Charvieu-Chavagneux, department of Isère, in eastern France. He was the second of four children of Stanisław and Jadwiga Stachura. The family spent the first eleven years of his life in France and moved to Poland in 1948, settling down in a one-room thatched house in the village of Łazieniec near Aleksandrów Kujawski.

Stachura took his own life at the age of forty-one in his Warsaw apartment on 24 July 1979, leaving behind his final poem: "List do pozostałych" ("A Letter to the Remaining").

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