Alone with the Gods


The global recession deepens and fuel prices continue to rise. Governments lend huge sums of money to keep the banking systems functioning, which is never seen again.

Budget cuts to the police, high unemployment and crime lead to rioting, civil disorder and a break down in transportation. Entire cities no longer function.

Juliane has a plan, to return to the abandoned family farm in Spain and replant it, where she knows she can survive.

In Sheffield, William, a lonely good-for-nothing alcoholic scrapes together the pennies for another bottle of whiskey.

He will soon have to learn the lessons, the world has been trying to teach him all his life and discover the strength, faith and leadership which he has buried deep inside.

The adventure follows a group of refugees as they face trials by violence, loss, desperation, blazing sun and frozen peaks in a journey from the abandoned steel mills of Sheffield to the beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees.

David Bryan wrote the story from a combination of personal, local and global events, witnessed during his lifetime, to create this epic adventure.

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