Stress Management. Relieve Stress Related Neck Pain



Wouldn't you like to be free from the muscular pain caused by stress!!!

Are you frustrated with nagging back or neck pain and are so tired of being in
a bad mood because of it?

How would it feel if a real massage therapist taught you some easy "exercises" that require no equipment?And when I say "exercises" I don't mean the aerobic kind or anything like that, no - these are therapeutic techniques that require no real exercise of the traditional kind at all.

How would it feel to do gentle, easy moves and stretches that would relieve that nagging pain in the comfort of your own home?

This Kindle book not only assists you to understand the causes of your stress but also provides you with simple strategies to incorporate stress-less moments into your daily life.

Easy to follow instructions for each technique are accompanied by a video showing the technique performed by a real massage therapist with 15 years experience in the field.


Is Stress Really Good For You? What A Dumb Question?
Why Do People Say That Stress Is Bad For Us?
How Does Stress Affect Me In My Daily Life?
How Does Stress Affect My Muscles?
Why Do I Experience Muscular Pain When I Am Stressed?
What Can I Do About My Stress Induced Pain?
How Do I 'Get To Know My Stress'?
How Do I Fit Neck Stretches Into My Daily Routine"?
10 Simple Techniques For Relieving Neck Pain

About the Author

I am a massage therapist who passionately believes that clients need to be empowered to take an interest in their self-care.

In order to share the knowledge gained over 15 years in the field treating stress induced muscular pain I have begun to use Kindle Books.

I hope you find these very practical insights and self-care techniques beneficial to your wellness.

Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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