The Inadequate Adept (Reluctant Sorcerer, #2)


Wow! I love this trilogy. Considering it took some persuation to get me reading the first one, I admit I covered all three in just over 24 hours! Now, admitting the following may have me tracked down and sanctioned but never mind.
I actually heard the characters and sounds in my head - in my own little world that's a sure sign of a good book! The narrator, Rachel drum tapping away .. it just all seemed so real and magical. I'm not completely nutty, honest, I just thoroughly enjoyed the series.
I've never read books with a narrator like that, I doubt many exist - but it was a great technique, and in general the books just took over my life for a day! Amusing, magical, fantastic!

PDF Simon Hawke download The Inadequate Adept (Reluctant Sorcerer, #2)

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