The Best Of 'Dear Bill'


I first read the Dear Bill letters many years ago, when they were published in Private Eye during Margaret Thatcher's term as prime minister.The letters are supposedly written by Dennis Thatcher to his old friend Bill Deeds , and describe goings on at 10. Downing Street.Not having read them for many many years, I wondered if they would still amuse me, and they do. Dennis Thatcher as portrayed in these letters is preocupied mainly with golf and gin, and is wary of his wife (The Boss), and frequently scathing about her cabinet colleagues, the opposition, trade union leaders, foreign heads of state, and others who he encounters between rounds of golf. It helps if you can remember the people and events refered to in the letters, but even if the memories have grown dim over the years, you will still find much to amuse in these letters.

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