Love Song Series Box Set


WL was re-written and tells the story of old loves coming back together. Once a cheater always a cheater right...maybe not. Seems some alpha males can learn from mistakes from the past but can she forgive and move on 9 yes later after being in an abusive relationship and the secret she brought home with her and can he move past her betrayal and his families. Such a wonderful story will keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for that happily ever after. If you haven't read it don't want to give to much away so get ready not to put this book down once you have started because you won't be able to put down./Broken...Wow so much to say and don't want to give to much away because these authors have done it again...she is broken, or so she thinks. Comes from the family from hell. He is a war hero and protective alpha, loves his sister and niece and there is something about her he can't shake, but can he get past her family and the threats against his own. He can't shake her can't get past the letters from his sister she can't forget the letters he sent his sister she rea. Then things are different face to face then they are in letters read from the heart. Can they let go of past regrets and mistakes... Grab your tissues and find out. / I hope you dance was placed in the future not sure if its a conclusion is left where could be more but satisfies curiosities. Won't put more out there on that cause it ruines the other two. But put on your boots and get ready to dance cause these books show off the talents of these authors and why they have such loyal readers... You have done it again!

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