My Dad Thinks He's Funny


This book spoke to me on a very visceral level, you guys.

Because my dad, when I was growing up, would routinely ask questions like “What’s the difference between a duck?”

If you complained about a smudge on your glasses, he’d say “Let me get that for you!”, lick his fingers, and slime all over the lenses.

He’d make weird noises when we’d pass under bridges while on bike rides, pretended that he didn’t know how to give high-fives, and inevitably pulled hideous faces behind anyone who was taking a photo.

Actually, he still does that last one.

Dad!We're trying to take a picture!

So this sort of scene:

This was familiar to me.

The book gets a few stars knocked off for the complete and total lack of an ending, but it’ll presumably still be a hit for anyone who had that dad, who is that dad, or who just really likes Walking Dead Dad Joke memes.

Good times.

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